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Supermarket Lighting
Date:2015-07-19 Click: Author:admin

Supermarket Lighting including in-store, parking lot, exterior signage and refrigerated case fixtures. Using new linear fluorescent lighting (LED Tube lights) and LED technologies from VENUSOP, the supermarket retailer is saving more than $235,000 in annual operating costs. 

The light in the supermarket is to attract customers. Customers more easily pay attention to areas with good lighting effect. It proves that if the lighting effect is better, the sales will increase continuously. The well-designed lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere for customers, enabling customers to produce very comfortable state of mind and feelings. The effective lighting in cargo area is mainly to make customers feel comfortable and willing to continue to visit. The unique and innovative lighting design even more highlights the interior design, and also deepens the overall lighting impression.

LED strip light, LED tube lights, LED downlight/ ceiling light

LED high bay light, LED panel lights, PAR LED light bulbs

E14 LED 12V LED LED bulb LED light LED lamp LED spotlight A19 LED LED downlight E12 LED LED refrigerator light GU10 LED Automotive LED light
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