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Industrial LED Lighting for warehouse
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Stations Lighting

Stations ,like railway station ,bus station ,subway station ,etc, the building itself open during the day to Maxreeimize the use of natural light .

In the evening , lighting can make the whole station showing different style , bright atmosphere, and less glare, good uniformity. If there is a place can be used dimming lighting, according to the natural light automatically adjusts the brightness of lighting and save energy. 

And indirect lighting at night and used to give people a sense of bright, while ensuring the necessary illuminance too. To install suitable led lights over vending machines in place to ensure people should be able to see the price display and the user's own shadow does not obstruct the operation buttons. 

According to the size of the station, when the use of the large space, waiting rooms, etc. on display, you can use high settings LED lamps in order to facilitate maintenance.

Factory Warehouse Lighting

In automotive manufacturing, most workplaces are located on assembly lines. Excellent light distribution and light color are decisive factors for safe working and reliable production. The various tasks involved in the production process have different lighting requirements. Continuous lines of lights mounted in parallel generate an even brightness and are the best way of illuminating the relevant working areas. Correct light distribution prevents interfering reflection from causing glare on shiny surfaces and makes manufacturing tasks easier as a result. Additional workplace luminaires can be installed to illuminate inclined working surfaces on the production line. It is also important to remember: that different task areas require different lighting strengths. An even level of brightness is therefore essential in every case. Selecting the correct lighting can reduce energy consumption significantly, especially for light sources used around the clock.

Our LED high bay fixtures are perfect for spaces that require a high level of durability, such as Warehouse, gymnasiums or auditoriums. LED lights are ideal for use with occupancy sensors and photocell control. When power failures or brownouts occur, lights come on immediately when voltage is restored.

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