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LED light solutions for Restaurant& store
Date:2013-11-16 Click: Author:admin

Venusop provide High quality LED light bulbs & LED fixture. Our LED light bulbs can replace Halogen lamp and Compat fluoresenct. We can provide high Color Rendering Index, Lumen, efficiency and long life. We provide LED down light with Unique dseign and materials. They are ultra energy efficient green lighting fixtures which are the right solution to replace comptct fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps. these LED down lights are perfectly compatible with existing  recessed  can housings and also available for new installations.


When you go to a restaurant for a meal,or go to a grocery or a retail store for shopping,do you reailze the lighting there? usually compat fluoresenct lamps or halogen lamps are used as light sources. although     compared to previous generation lighting, these light sources are of great advantage, still more than 50%   energy are wasted and other serious problems can caused by these light sources. They are not energy efficient groceries and contains, customers’experience is quite important and can be the key factor to decide  whether the business can achieve success or not . 


Lmproving lighting quality can greatly increase the customers’ experience and then increase the possibility to achieve success. 

Venusop LED down lights and LED spotlights are the most ideal solutions for restaurants, groceries and retail stores. They are highly energy  efficient with ocer 50% energy savings compared to compact fluorescent lamps and 70% energy savings compared to halogen lamps.

Venusop LED down lights and LED light bulbs are green lighting fixtures which contain no toxic materials and do no harm to human body, the white light LED light source emits is more close to natural light without buzzing and flickering. Meanwhile LED down lights and LED light bulbs are easy to install and perfectly compatible with existing fixtures. 

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