The comparison between SMD LED and DIP LED Lights
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China LED light manufacturer can provide a range of original DIP LED light and SMD LED bulb. Our produce lists have A15, A19, S11, S14 , ST65, G40, G45, G60, G80, G95 Edison light bulbs.

DIP LED lights are used in a variety of applications nowadays – in a nutshell, DIP is an acronym that stands for “Dual In Line Package”, and this is by far the most commonly used type of package used for medium scale and small scale integrated circuits (circuits that have a maximum of 48 pins). The pins are inserted into the two edges of the r package, and they are spaced at a fixed interval of 0.1in. The mechanism is simple: the pins of the DIP LED lights are especially designed to fit through the holes located in the CB (the circuit board), or into a special socket.DIP LED lights and SMD LED bulbs


Our LED light bulbs are commonly used in supermarkets, hotels, factories, task lighting, trains, buses, under cabinets and warehouse illumination. In other words, this type of light-emitting diodes can be used both for decorative and for lighting purposes.

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